SurferSEO vs. PageOptimizer Pro: Choosing The Right Optimization Tool

If you're looking for a content optimization tool, you'll likely come across SurferSEO & PageOptimizer Pro. Here, I'm going to help you understand the differences so you can buy the right tool for your needs. Let's get rolling! Differences between Surfer SEO and PageOptimizer Pro The main difference between Surfer SEO and PageOptimizer Pro is that SurferSEO is more comprehensive content marketing... SEO Review (& How Nightwatch Compares vs. Ahrefs)

nightwatch vs ahrefs comparison

Nightwatch started out as a standalone rank tracker, literally called RankTrackr. Since then, they've launched subsequent features for reporting, backlink monitoring, and site audits. This last year in particular they've been gaining popularity, after a successful Product Hunt launch. Although the product has evolved, the rank tracking feature remains their core strength & focus. That's a good...

AccuRanker vs Ahrefs: Two Very Different SEO Tools

accuranker vs ahrefs

If you're choosing between AccuRanker and Ahrefs for your SEO tech stack, I'll give you a quick answer. It's kind of an odd comparison to draw, since they're built very differently, but here we are. Ahrefs is an excellent all-in-one SEO software that I personally use for day-to-day keyword research, competitor analysis and site auditing. AccuRanker is a standalone, purpose-built rank tracker...