22 Effective SaaS Marketing Agencies To Drive ROI

Software-as-a-service companies, or SaaS companies, are now a pretty big deal. In the US alone, by 2021 there were 15,000 SaaS companies serving 14 billion customers worldwide, according to Statista. There are so many out there that competition for screen time has achieved new heights.

Marketing a product that isn't tangible is no easy job. Additionally, getting customers to pay a monthly subscription, giving their hard-earned money every month, is an incredibly challenging task. Seeing how difficult and needed it is, using SaaS marketing agencies can be make or break for most SaaS companies.

However, finding the right SaaS marketing agency and digital marketing strategy for your business is tough, especially because we see new SaaS companies every year, and new SaaS marketing agencies popping up like corn in a hot pan. 

In this article, you'll find 22 marketing agencies that specialize in SaaS clients. Let's help you find that dream agency to unlock new levels in your digital marketing efforts.

Let's go!

1) Skale


Skale is an agency that specializes in SEO and link building for the B2B SaaS industry.

In the good old days, finding a shiny new store to showcase your products was all you needed. Location, location, location, that's where it was at.

Nowadays, things have changed a bit. We still care about location, but in the digital world location means prime real-estate on search engine results pages (SERPs). Reaching the highest position requires search engine optimization. This is the best spot in the best store of the most visited street.

SEO and improving your online positioning through link building is Skale's area of expertise, and they are wizards at that. If you're trying to find an SEO agency with SaaS expertise, take a look at what the team at Skale can do. For example, they managed to get 10x more signups for Piktochart, in only three months, beating unicorn Canva! 



DSLX is a young, mission-driven SaaS content marketing agency that focuses on connecting diverse, talented, and specialized writers to create outstanding content for B2B SaaS companies.

Although it’s a somewhat young company, DSLX is rapidly proving its worth, and has already worked with some big brand names like G2, Hotjar, TravelPerk, and OpenStore. Additionally, DSLX and Skale work hand-in-hand to create SEO-driven branded content for SaaS brands to thrive with.

Content marketing is hugely important for honing SEO efforts for any SaaS. Without the right content strategy, companies simply don’t stand a chance at organic, long-term growth. DSLX takes care of this, by creating quality content with diverse writers, helping SaaS brands succeed. They also help companies scale their content, without jeopardizing quality, or optimize old content backlogs to improve a clients SEO using resources they already have. 

3) UpRaw Media


UpRaw Media is a SaaS marketing agency that focuses on Pay-Per-Click advertising–also known as PPC– they also specialize in analytics and customer retention optimization, or CRO.

As their own website cites, they don't ‘hack' growth, they engineer it. They offer a wide variety of services to really create qualified leads and be the growth marketing agency your SaaS business was looking for.

4) Cobloom


Cobloom is a SaaS marketing agency that specializes in getting the growth their clients need. It also helps startups and companies build a SaaS pricing strategy through their consultation services.

Their growth marketing expertise, combined with their long-term growth inbound marketing strategy, helps any business scale up and better serve their customers.

5) Getuplead


Getuplead specializes in helping SaaS and B2B tech companies with their customer acquisition, conversion, and marketing automation. They implement a conversion rate optimization strategy to generate highly qualified leads through PPC and SEO.

Getuplead has more than 10 years in the industry.

6) Hooklead


Hooklead is a SaaS marketing agency focused on growth acceleration. Besides their SaaS marketing strategy, they also offer custom market analysis and proposals, all with the purpose to accelerate your subscriber numbers.

7) Earnest


Earnest specializes in influencer marketing, content and digital marketing as well as developing campaigns, research, and the overall strategy for each brand they work with. With a focus on the B2B industry and offices in London and New York, it will help your brand stand out and be known in a heartbeat.

8) Growth Sandwich


Growth Sandwich is a mentoring SaaS business that specializes in the B2B SaaS industry in France and the UK and modern-day product marketing. Their main aim is to grow their clients businesses through online 1:1 mentoring on GrowthMentor. This is a unique mentorship platform to connect growth mentors with startups and tech companies, they can guide you through anything from marketing automation to SaaS marketing metrics to inbound and outbound marketing strategies.



BAMF is an expert on all things LinkedIn Marketing. It isn't focused only on the B2B or SaaS industry, but would help any business achieve real growth through LinkedIn Marketing.

10) Hey Digital


Hey Digital is a British SaaS marketing agency that is helping SaaS companies improve their advertising performance with PPC management, and custom-designed landing pages. They also offer CRO expertise, which might prevent the need for a separate CRO agency or freelancer. They are trusted by more than 35 leading SaaS companies, proving their great results. 

11) eStudio 34


eStudio34 is a SaaS marketing agency that specializes in SEO positioning, SEM campaigns, CRO, web analytics, Amazon ads, and other key services to get your SaaS business from unknown to the top of the rankings.

12) Juni.co


Juni.co is a Swedish company that's been featured in TechCrunch, Yahoo, Business Insiders and others as one of the top SaaS solutions for tracking Ad Spend and other crucial financial information for marketing and eCommerce businesses.

13) Funnel


Funnel is a go-to solution for handling data. Any effective SaaS marketing strategy needs to take data into account. Data needs to be collected, prepared and analyzed to create a marketing strategy that answers reality–not untested assumptions. Funnel helps companies collect the right data, and understand the SaaS marketing trends that affect their efforts.

14) SmartBug Media


SmartBug Media is SaaS marketing agency that specializes in inbound marketing, SEO, eCommerce marketing, paid media, sales enablement, web design, video marketing, PR, creative and branding, integration and migration, HubSpot implementation… and everything there is to increase software companies' lead and demand generation.

15) Wallaroo Media


Wallaroo Media is a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency that focuses on eCommerce brands. Their main aim is to increase brand awareness and lead generation through quality marketing, SEO and content efforts.

16) Pyrashyut

Pyrashyut is a British company that specializes in business development, marketing sales, demand and lead generation, process and workflow automation. They also take care of customer relationship management (CRM) and optimization to provide your customers the best experience possible. 

17) NoGood


NoGood is a marketing agency that specializes in SaaS, healthcare, FinTech, B2B, eCommerce and even crypto businesses. It offers services that range from SEM/PPC to social media ads and even SMS marketing.

18) Deviate labs


Deviate Labs is an American full-suite growth marketing consulting agency that offers a highly-personalized approach to provide the perfect solutions for your unique business. They threw out cookie cutters, and this gives them the results they’re known for. 

19) Metric Theory


Metric Theory is a digital marketing agency that offers SEO, paid social, shopping, feed management, Amazon, Programmatic and other services to help you out-perform the competition.

20) Ladder


Ladder boosts businesses' full-funnel strategy and performance solutions for all kinds of brands. Ladder offers growth marketing solutions with a creative splash. It responsively allocates resources to launch the right testings on the right KPIs at the right time in the client’s growth journey–a creative strategy, creating results. 

21) Digital Current


Digital Current helps companies bring their best game to the online world with SEO, content marketing, CRO, PPC and link building services. It does not focus only on SaaS companies, but in all types of industries and businesses.

22) Ninja Promo


Ninja Promo focuses on helping SaaS and B2B companies in the FinTech and Crypto industries with their social media marketing. Ninja Promo helps companies through social media management, paid social ads, content productions, influencer marketing and other services–all set up with disruptive techniques to get the wanted results.

Hopefully you found this list of the 22 most powerful SaaS marketing agencies of 2022 useful for your business and clients.

Digital marketing, especially for SaaS businesses, is crucial in their survival. In a world where thousands of new companies are being added to the market ecosystem–in the US alone, a whopping 5.39 million new business applications were sent in 2021–you need to be at the top of the game.

Although an in-house marketing team can do wonders, there are plenty of resources out there to, for example, improve your SEO writing content. However, there's no better way than having a SaaS marketing team from an expert agency at your disposal–if your budget allows it. 

These top SaaS marketing agencies can help you go from zero to hero–getting growing and scalable success with all the professional services and expertise their whole team will bring for the same cost as an in-house hire. Check them out and find the one which one's the perfect fit for your business needs.

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