16 Experienced B2B SaaS SEO Agencies To Grow Organic KPIs

A B2B SaaS SEO agency gives you a shortcut to finding experienced people who can own & manage your organic KPIs.

Finding someone who can work on content SEO, strategy, link building, and technical SEO in-house is going to be tricky. There's likely not enough work in each of these areas to hire a dedicated person, and finding one SEO manager who is truly an expert in all SEO fields is unlikely (or very expensive).

That's when it makes sense to hire an agency. And not just any agency. One who has specific experience in B2B SaaS, and knows the growth opportunities & challenges for this model.

These are 16 of the best B2B SaaS SEO agencies

  1. Skale
  2. SimpleTiger
  4. Rock The Rankings
  5. Flying Cat Marketing
  6. Search Nurture
  7. RevenueZen
  8. PageTraffic
  9. Powered by Search
  10. Growfusely
  11. Avidon Marketing Group
  12. Victorious
  13. Veza Digital
  14. Smash Digital
  15. KlientBoost
  16. Outpace

1. Skale

Services: content strategy, SaaS SEO management, content optimization, and link building

Case studies: Maze, Slite, Holded, Piktochart 

Location: Europe

Top clients: Flodesk, G2, TestGorialla, Leapsome, HubSpot

skale - B2B SaaS SEO agencies

Skale is a leading performance SEO and link-building agency that works with SaaS businesses and helps them increase rankings, product signups, and activations while driving real business KPIs.

  • Skale offers an in-depth SaaS SEO growth strategy and content briefs to guide your writing team on matching search intent, and writing SEO-friendly articles.
  • They have a team of over 30 people, of which many have prior in-house B2B SaaS experience
  • Skale is co-founded by Jake Stainer (ex-Head of Growth at Typeform & Travelperk), and Italo Viale (prev. MD at BigSEO, a Barcelona-based SEO agency).

2. SimpleTiger

Services: SEO strategy, link building, technical optimization, and content writing

Case studies: JotForm, Bidsketch, Segment

Location: USA

Top clients: JotForm, Bitly, Capsule, PayJunction, SecureDocs


SimpleTiger is a content marketing agency that builds the strategy and the content that gives you qualified traffic and conversions.

This agency provides in-depth monthly reports and SEO dashboards with the KPIs that matter most to your organic growth and analyzes them for future opportunities.

  • They cover everything in their content marketing, including competitive analysis, keyword research, suture structure optimization, and ongoing content writing.
  • 12 people are working at SimpleTiger.
  • SimpleTiger is founded by Jeremiah Smith in 2007.


Services: SEO strategy, link building, content strategy, and content writing

Case studies: Respona, SwagDrop, Viral Loops, SpdLoad

Location: Europe

Top clients: Visme, Respona, Moosend, LearnWorlds

minuttia - B2B SaaS SEO agency

MINUTTIA is an SEO and content marketing agency that helps SaaS and tech companies drive organic growth via well-researched and high-quality content.

  • Besides content strategy and content writing, MINUTTIA also offers services like content distribution and outreach, graphic design for graphics and other multimedia, SEO analysis, and web development for SEO-related activities.
  • MINUTTIA has 10 employees.
  • George Chasiotis is the Managing Director of MINUTTIA.

4. Rock The Rankings

Services: SEO strategy, content writing, digital PR, link building, and technical SEO

Case studies: Bizzabo, Toast

Location: USA

Top clients: Upwork, Sourced Adventures, Toast, Exploding Topics

rock the rankings

Rock The Rankings is an SEO agency that builds an SEO roadmap for SaaS businesses based on their current situation and goals. Their expertise in SEO content marketing will bring you organic traffic, monthly keyword and SEO reports, and organic demos and trials.

  • Rock The Rankings has helped several businesses develop a holistic content marketing strategy with high-quality content assets that rank and drive organic revenue.
  • 6 people are working at Rock The Rankings.
  • Rock The Rankings is founded by Justin Berg in 2020.

5. Flying Cat Marketing

Services: SEO strategy, content strategy, content writing, and technical SEO

Case studies: Stonly, Softr, Mixmax, Trevor.io

Location: Europe

Top clients: Hotjar, Leapsome, Jetstream, Active Campaign, Livestorm

flying cat marketing

Flying Cat Marketing is an SEO and content marketing agency that mainly works with SaaS businesses in martech, salestech, and proptech. This agency helps you build a truly creative and unique SEO strategy, ensuring you'll be proud to see the outcome of your investment in SEO.

  • One of the biggest strengths of Flying Cat Marketing is that they work with dedicated technical analysts, SaaS SEO experts, and an SEO content editorial team to discover the biggest-impact opportunities and implement them for your SaaS business.
  • The team size of Flying Cat Marketing is around 43 people.
  • Maeva Cifuentes is the CEO at Flying Cat Marketing.

6. Search Nurture

Services: SEO strategy, link building, content strategy, content writing, and technical SEO

Case studies: Tailwind, John Frieda

Location: USA

Top clients: Aurora, Curel, Bioré

search nurture

Search Nurture is an SEO agency helping SaaS companies develop client-centered SEO campaigns to increase brand awareness, reputation, market authority, and lead quality through organic search.

  • Search Nurture begins with a deep dive into your SaaS business, then audits your content to better understand what B2B content has worked for your business in the past. They help build a custom content plan that speaks to your target business customers at every point of your conversion funnel.
  • 27 people are working at Search Nurture.
  • Spencer Padway and Dan Ha are 2 names who co-founded Search Nurture in 2017.

7. RevenueZen

Services: SEO strategy, technical SEO audits, content writing, and link building

Case studies: CloudTask, StockIQ, Funraise, airCFO

Location: USA

Top clients: Solvvy, Bloomfire, Zapproved, Syncari, Carevoyance


RevenueZen is a B2B SaaS SEO agency specializing in building SEO Strategies that generate real demand from organic search.

Their SEO research and analysis phase involves understanding your existing client acquisition channels, your current ranking factors and how to take advantage of them, and the topics you're already ranking for.

  • RevenueZen offers both content strategy and content writing services. They also help with conversion tracking and track data on phone calls, form submissions, demo requests, ebook downloads, newsletter sign-ups, and more.
  • RevenueZen has 15 employees, as of October 2022.
  • Alex Boyd is the Founder and CEO of RevenueZen.

8. PageTraffic

Services: SEO strategy, link building, technical SEO, and content strategy

Location: India

Top clients: Intuit, Lookout, Taskmonk, Timepot


PageTraffic is an SEO agency that helps businesses generate high-quality and organic traffic to their SaaS website.

  • PageTraffic is offering an SEO content strategy that involves keyword research, on-page content optimization, content topic ideation, and content matrix buildout.
  • Currently, 79 people are working at PageTraffic.
  • Navneet Kaushal founded PageTraffic in 2002.
  • PageTraffic offers 4 SaaS SEO packages, ranging from $499 per month to $1199 per month. See full pricing here.

9. Powered by Search

Services: SEO strategy, content writing, and SaaS website design

Case studies: Loopio, Structure Studios

Location: Canada

Top clients: VMware, Basecamp, JustCall, Rainforest, Upscribe, ThreatX

powered by search

Powered by Search is a B2B SaaS SEO agency that helps businesses build marketing strategies that engage prospects and get qualified traffic from content marketing. They claim to demonstrate tangible results in 90 days or less.

  • This agency is focused on various areas, including demand generation strategy, organic SEO, copywriting, and content production. 
  • The team size of Powered by Search is 29 employees.
  • Dev Basu is the CEO at Powered by Search since 2009.

10. Growfusely

Services: SEO strategy, content marketing, digital PR, and link building

Case studies: Mind The Graph

Location: India

Top clients: Wix, Omnisend, peeked, Capsulink


Growfusely is a SaaS content marketing agency focusing on SaaS content strategy, content promotion, and content audit, helping companies expand their organic search visibility and user acquisition.

In case you’re planning a major redesign or migration for your website, Growfusely can take care of that and offer comprehensive technical SEO review and improvement suggestions.

  • Growfusely strives to strategize and develop link-worthy content for SaaS businesses, then distribute it on high-visibility platforms like Search Engine Journal and Entrepreneur.
  • 28 people are working at Growfusely.
  • Pratik Dholakiya founded Growfusely in 2018.

11. Avidon Marketing Group

Services: SEO strategy, content writing, link building, technical SEO, and content optimization

Case studies: Villaway

Location: USA

avidon marketing group

Avidon Marketing Group is a SaaS SEO agency that helps businesses increase their organic visibility and get highly qualified leads that convert into long-term business relationships. 

They work on full-fledged digital marketing strategies that involve brand authority building, custom landing page design, CTR optimization, mobile optimization, and Google penalty removal.

  • As part of their comprehensive SaaS SEO services, the content they produce for your business also gets published on high-quality platforms in your vertical to expand your brand presence.
  • Currently, 5 people are working at Avidon Marketing Group.
  • Igor Avidon founded Avidon Marketing Group in 2018.

12. Victorious

Services: SEO strategy, link building, content audit, and content writing

Case studies: Fortinet, Agora, Opencare, Parasoft

Location: USA

Top clients: Lime, AngelList, Klipfolio, Everlance, Wandera, Fortinet


Victorious is an SEO agency that helps SaaS businesses build SEO campaigns that drive tangible results and predictable ROI.

  • Their SEO strategy and analytics services combine everything from strategic goal setting to project management, Google Analytics setup, and goal tracking. Their content production includes deliverables like SEO content creation, enrichment for existing content, and strategic briefs for your writing team.
  • The team size of Victorious is around 85 people, as of October 2022.
  • Michael Transon is the CEO at Victorious since 2013.

13. Veza Digital

Services: SEO strategy, link building, content writing, and CTR optimization

Location: Canada

Top clients: Nestle, Chili Piper, Bose, Moncler, Audi, Instabug

veza digital

Veza Digital is an SEO agency that offers a full range of tried and tested services to help businesses of sizes get more leads and grow their bottom line.

  • Their SEO process begins with an SEO audit and keyword research. They also offer a backlink strategy and help you build a high-quality backlink profile via their link-building services.
  • Veza Digital has 26 employees.
  • Stefan Katanic founded Veza Digital in 2016.

14. Smash Digital

Services: SEO strategy, link building, and technical SEO

Location: USA

smash digital

Smash Digital is an SEO agency that helps businesses increase website traffic through organic content.

  • Smash Digital offers 2 particular services: fully managed SEO services and SEO audit.
  • 13 people are currently working at Smash Digital.
  • Travis Jamison is the Founder of Smash Digital.
  • Their managed SEO campaigns start at $2500 per month, but the plans can differ based on what your actual business would take to succeed.

15. KlientBoost 

Services: SEO strategy, content writing, CTR optimization, and link building

Case studies: Stanford Graduate School of Business, Excedr

Location: USA

Top clients: Bloomberg, Airbnb, Hotjar, Upwork, SAP, Segment, Kinsta

klientboost - SaaS SEO agency

KlientBoost is a full-service SEO and content marketing agency that helps create engaging content for multiple platforms for your SaaS business.

  • The types of content that KlientBoost offers are blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, how-to guides, checklists, and guest posts.
  • 13 people are currently working at KlientBoost.
  • KlientBoost is founded by Johnathan Dane in 2015.

16. Outpace

Services: SEO strategy, link building, and content writing

Case studies: Data security SaaS client, B2B sales outsourcing client

Location: USA


Outpace is the last SEO agency on our list, and they are specialized in creating effective data-driven SEO strategies for businesses to achieve outstanding ROI.

  • Outpace’s SEO campaigns involve an SEO audit, keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page authority, technical optimization, citations, link building, blogging, content creation, and more.
  • 16 people are working at Outpace.
  • Summit Ghimire is the Founder of Outpace.

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