15 Reputable SaaS Content Marketing Agencies To Drive Results

Hiring a content marketing agency is a popular route for SaaS businesses. Compared to hiring in-house, it can be a quicker way to bring in expertise & scale up your results.

Hiring the wrong agency can be expensive and painful though.

Here, I'll give you a few things you should be thinking about to hire an agency, and 15 reputable agencies — with some information about their clients, services, and teams.

Hiring the right SaaS content marketing agency

If you're outsourcing content and/or strategy, your revenue growth depends on scaling up with the right agency.

Here's some things you should be thinking about when scouting for an outsourced agency solution:

  • Look for examples of past work. Case studies, reviews, testimonials. What they've achieved & what past/current clients have to say is the most important indicator.
  • Discuss upfront whether each agency works on monthly retainers or they’re project-based. Check if there's a minimum engagement (e.g. 6 or 12 months).
  • Find out specifically what you can and can’t expect from your agency. Do you want your agency to create only a content strategy for you, and you’ll handle the content writing? Or vice versa?

These are 15 of the best SaaS content marketing agencies

  1. Skale
  2. Search Nurture
  3. Directive
  4. SimpleTiger
  5. Animalz
  6. NoGood
  7. Single Grain
  8. Brafton
  9. Bay Leaf Digital
  10. Yoghurt Digital
  11. Optimist
  12. Contenthorse
  13. Ironpaper
  14. Accelerate Agency

1. Skale

Services: content strategy, SaaS SEO management, link building

Case studies: Moonpay, Attest, Perkbox, Piktochart 

Location: Europe

Top clients: HubSpot, Leapsome, G2, Perkbox, Piktochart

skale SaaS content marketing agency

Skale is one of the best SaaS content marketing agencies that manages your SEO channel, and drives the growth of month-on-month SEO & content KPIs.

Skale focuses on producing tangible results (like increased signups) within 3 months, not 18.

  • Skale are offering SEO content strategy and full content briefs tailored for your key personas, but they don’t offer writing services.
  • Skale has an international team of 30+ employees who specialize in SaaS SEO. The company also has in-house experience working for hyper-growth SaaS brands.
  • Skale has 2 co-founders: Jake Stainer (ex-Head of Growth at Typeform & Travelperk), and Italo Viale (prev. MD at BigSEO, a Barcelona-based SEO agency).

2. Search Nurture

Services: content strategy, technical website audit, competitor analysis, link building, and page optimizations

Case studies: John Frieda, Tailwind

Location: USA

Top clients: SKL, Jergens, Tailwind, and Motorcycle Legal Foundation

search nurture landing page

Search Nurture is a digital marketing agency that builds tailor-made campaigns for eCommerce or B2B SaaS businesses. This agency provides you with a clear content plan that speaks to customers at every stage of the conversion funnel and brings them to your site.

  • Unlike Skale, Search Nurture offers both content strategy and content writing services. 
  • Currently, 27 employees are working at Search Nurture.
  • Spencer Padway and Dan Ha are 2 names who co-founded Search Nurture in 2017.

3. Directive

Services: link building, content strategy, on-page content strategy, SEO A/B testing, analytics, and reporting

Case studies: Sumo Logic, Matillion, TokenEx, Lakeside Software

Location: USA

Top clients: Cisco, Varonis, bill.com, SentinelOne, Blackline, WordPress, Procare, and Sendoso

directive saas content marketing agency

Directive is a performance marketing agency that offers customer-centric SEO services that drive more sales-qualified leads (SQL) from your ideal customer segments.

  • Directive uses a customer-led approach to SEO to prioritize the right keywords and content that properly target your end buyers.
  • Directive has around 130 employees.
  • Tanner Shaffer is the managing partner and co-founder of Directive.

4. SimpleTiger

Services: content strategy, link building, keyword research, technical optimization, and content writing

Case studies: JotForm, Bidsketch, Segment

Location: USA

Top clients: Segment, Jotform, SecureDocs, ReadySign, Capsule, and bitly

simpletiger interface

SimpleTiger is a SaaS content marketing agency that helps you build the content strategy and the content itself that brings you qualified traffic and converts.

  • SimpleTiger offers comprehensive SEO and content marketing solutions for SaaS companies. The agency has subject-matter expert writers that are sourced individually for each project to ensure the highest quality content possible.
  • Team size of SimpleTiger is currently around 12 people.
  • Jeremiah Smith is the founder of SimpleTiger.

5. Animalz

Services: content writing, site structure, keyword research, editorial planning, ebooks and whitepapers, and link building

Case studies: QuickBooks, Sellbrite

Location: USA

Top clients: Google, Amazon, Airtable, Intercom, Wistia, GoDaddy, Zendesk, and Clearbit

Animalz landing page

Animalz is a full-service content marketing agency, and its services range from SEO consulting to content distribution.

Some content forms they specialize in are ebooks, case studies, knowledge base articles, thought leadership articles, and landing pages.

  • Animalz delivers high-quality content marketing to enterprise companies, SaaS businesses, and venture capital firms.
  • Animalz has around 110 employees, as of September 2022.
  • Animalz is founded by Walter Chen.

6. NoGood

Services: content writing, topic research, competitor analysis, and reporting

Case studies: Invisibly, Ghostery, Steer, Bytedance

Location: USA

Top clients: P&G, Amazon, Nike, and Citi

nogood - SaaS Content Marketing Agencies

NoGood is a marketing agency that crafts compelling content that builds your distinct voice, resonates with your customers, and drives conversions. NoGood offers a whitepaper, blog posts, case study, how-to guide, and evergreen content writing services.

  • NoGood conducts an in-depth audit and competitive analysis of your business and then, provides you with an SEO strategy that connects your business objectives with your content.
  • Around 46 people are currently working at NoGood.
  • NoGood is founded by Mostafa ElBermawy in 2017.

7. Single Grain

Services: content marketing strategy, technical SEO, constant optimization, and content marketing campaign tracking and monitoring

Case studies: Intuit, Twenty20

Location: USA

Top clients: Amazon, Airbnb, Fujitsu, Uber, Salesforce, Nextiva, Khan Academy, Alexa, and Drift

single grain interface

Single Grain is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides more than just content distribution. Their content production experts can help with a variety of content creation, including blog posts and articles, ebooks, landing pages, whitepapers, and case studies.

  • Single Grain helps SaaS businesses design a conversion-driven content marketing strategy via expert SEO tactics and lead generation experience. 
  • Currently, 68 people are working at Single Grain.
  • Single Grain is founded by Eric Siu in 2013.

8. Brafton

Services: content strategy, content writing, copywriting, guest posting, technical SEO, A/B testing, landing page writing and on-page optimization, and link building

Case studies: Dynaway, Green Mountain Technology, Phone Ninjas, Profiles

Location: USA, Europe, Australia

Top clients: Zendesk, Preply, Allegis, eSpatial, Allitix, and Saphisle 

brafton interface

Brafton is a creative content marketing agency that offers a wide range of content production services. This agency takes a scientific approach to inbound marketing and content marketing campaigns using hard data to build the ideal strategy to accomplish client goals.

  • Brafton’s content marketing services include ebooks, whitepapers, infographics, case studies, website copy, and newsletters. They have social media team and technical integration specialists who help clients with content promotion and distribution.
  • Brafton has over 160 employees.
  • Brafton is founded by Tom Agnew in 2007.

9. Bay Leaf Digital

Services: SEO strategy, keyword research, and thought leadership articles 

Case studies: MeazureUp, Weiner's Ltd, VHT, Red River Paper

Location: USA

Top clients: Kabbage, Intuit, Angi (formerly Angie's List)

bay leaf digital landing page

Bay Leaf Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers SaaS content marketing and SEO strategy services. They help businesses increase their brand awareness and rank at the top of search engine results.

  • Bay Leaf Digital is focused on offering content writing services to help SaaS clients improve traffic and transform their lead generation funnels.​
  • The team size of Bay Leaf Digital is around 14 people.
  • Abhi Jadhav is the Founder and CEO of Bay Leaf Digital.

10. Yoghurt Digital

Services: content strategy, content writing, technical SEO, link building, and website migration

Case studies: H&R Block, Ted’s Cameras, Safewill

Location: Australia

Top clients: Converse, Four Seasons, Dulux, Jurlique, Wine Australia

yoghurt digital

Yoghurt Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers SEO and content services. With expertise ranging from content auditing to copywriting, to holistic content strategy and planning, their content producers and strategists develop search-optimized content that satisfies your audience’s intent. 

  • Yoghurt Digital helps SaaS companies develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy that includes keyword research and recommendations, a content calendar, partnership, and placement opportunities, and recommendations for optimizing on-page SEO content.
  • 36 people are working at Yoghurt Digital.
  • Michael Laps is the Co-Founder and CEO of Yoghurt Digital.

11. Optimist

Services: content strategy, writing and editing, content promotion, community outreach, content syndication, and link building

Case studies: HelloSign, College Raptor

Location: USA

Top clients: Sendbird, Popmenu, Kubera, HelloSign, Submittable

optimist - SaaS Content Marketing Agencies

Optimist is a growth-focused content marketing agency that helps SaaS companies bring in new leads, sales, and users.

Their full-service approach to content marketing includes a full team of experts with decades of experience growing SaaS companies, handling all of the moving parts needed to produce content, drive traffic, and build an inbound acquisition funnel.

  • Optimist claims to run all content marketing operations, bringing a team of 5-7 to help you scale up operations and take care of everything from content strategy to writing, design, outreach, and promotion.
  • 21 people are working at Optimist.

12. Contenthorse

Services: content strategy, content writing, and content distribution

Case studies: Userpilot, Lemlist

Location: Europe

Top clients: GetResponse, Lemlist, Userpilot, Surfer, Sendspark

contenthorse landing page

Contenthorse is a content marketing agency to grow your SaaS with ROI-driven content. The types of content that Contenthorse specializes in: comparison articles, case studies, product-led growth content, and sales engagement content.

Their content strategies are based on writing ROI-based content, repurposing it, and distributing it on the channels where your users spend time.

  • Contenthorse brainstorms and creates a powerful content marketing strategy for your SaaS business. As long as you collaborate, they offer lifetime content conversion rate optimization for every article they produce for your business.
  • Contenthorse has 7 employees.
  • Ugi Djuric is the Founder and CEO of Contenthorse.

13. Ironpaper 

Services: content strategy, content creation, sales content, and content repackaging and optimization

Case studies: Goddard

Location: USA

Top clients: Nokia IoT, Steelcase, Solartis


Ironpaper is a content marketing agency that helps B2B companies improve how they use content to attract, convert, and retainer customers.

They act as a strategy and execution partner while building, testing, and optimizing content marketing campaigns to generate qualified leads and sales opportunities.

  • From awareness to the decision phase, Ironpaper creates a content journey for key decision-makers and influencers. Ironpaper improves the B2B buyer journey via the following types of content: thought leadership content, content for SEO, and sales nurturing content.
  • 75 people are working at Ironpaper.
  • Ironpaper is founded by Jonathan Franchell in 2003.

14. Accelerate Agency

Services: SEO strategy, link building, content optimization, and reporting

Case studies: Dialpad, Databricks, Process Bliss, Brightpearl

Location: UK

Top clients: PandaDoc, RingCentral, Dialpad, Affise, Brightpearl

accelerate agency landing page

Accelerate Agency is a content marketing agency that provides content strategy and content writing services. They have collaborations with high-authority domains that get tonnes of traffic, such as G2, Moz, HubSpot, and Drift—so they can get you featured in many places.

Accelerate Agency’s holistic SEO approach ensures continual monthly PQL and MQL growth while driving monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for your SaaS business.

  • Accelerate Agency approaches content marketing begins with a future-proof strategy, aiming to create evergreen content that will continue to connect with your audiences for a longer time.
  • Team size of Accelerate Agency is around 100 people.
  • Nicholas Brown is the Founder and CEO of Accelerate Agency.


Services: content writing, content optimization, and campaign analytics

Case studies: Thomson Reuters, Sidetrade, Liquidline, Talentia 

Location: UK

Top clients: Nowtel, CACI, Siblu Villages


POLARIS is a content marketing agency that creates interesting opportunities for consumers to engage with your business through real-world content that's straight to the point and effective.

Their onsite SEO service ensures that every critical landing page within your website has a clear opportunity to allow users and search engine crawlers to access and understand the products and services you offer.

  • Some of the content services that POLARIS offers are video content, social content, evergreen content, and web copy content.
  • 7 people are working at POLARIS.

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