18 Reliable Technical SEO Agencies For Outsourced Expertise

Technical SEO is a rigorous and time-consuming practice, and avoiding it can be costly. If search engines can’t find & crawl your website efficiently, you won’t rank well.

Technical SEO does not, for most small & medium businesses, require a dedicated full-time resource. So naturally, outsourcing to a freelancer or agency to get ad-hoc work done makes sense.

If you want to outsource your technical SEO to experienced agencies, you've landed in the right place. I've compiled a list of the 18 best technical SEO agencies worldwide that you can consider for your business.

What does a technical SEO agency do?

Technical SEO is a branch of search engine optimization that ensures a website is easy for search engines to properly access, crawl, and index. It primarily concerns the “behind-the-scenes” elements of your website and covers things like robots.txt files, indexing, XML sitemaps, loading times, and more.

It's everything you need outside of the other core areas of SEO: content & link building.

These are 18 of the best technical SEO agencies

  1. Semetrical
  2. Thrive Agency
  3. Delante
  4. SALT Agency
  5. Go Fish Digital
  6. Screaming Frog
  7. Upgrow
  8. Tecmark
  9. Novicell
  10. Digital Movers
  11. Outpace
  12. Fresh Egg
  13. Liberty
  14. Pearl Lemon
  15. Goodman Lantern
  16. MarketingLenses
  17. GRM Digital
  18. StudioHawk

1. Semetrical

Specialism: eCommerce SEO, B2B SEO, and mobile SEO

Case studies: Craftory, JPIMedia, Elucidat, Arkadin

Location: UK

Top clients: Stripe, LexisNexis, Ticketmaster

semetrical - technical seo agencies

Semetrical is a digital market agency offering technical SEO services and SEO strategies to eCommerce businesses to suit their specific website requirements, from technical and speed audits to complete migration projects.

They can also handle product page optimization, category page optimization, and faceted navigation.

  • Semetrical’s technical SEO services include technical audits, regular monitoring, website speed audits, and migration projects.
  • 35 people are currently working at Semetrical.
  • Tony King is the Co-founder and Director of Digital Strategy at Semetrical.

2. Thrive Agency

Specialism: eCommerce SEO, Shopify SEO, and Amazon SEO

Case studies: Seismic Audio, Sierra Group, Stovall Construction

Location: USA

Top clients: Downtown Arlington Management, Pate Capital Group

thrive agency - technical SEO agency

Thrive Agency is a digital marketing company that offers a full spectrum of marketing services, including technical SEO services for eCommerce businesses.

Their eCommerce SEO services range from keyword research and content writing to eCommerce web design and conversion rate optimization.

  • This agency’s technical SEO services include SEO audits, image optimization, competitor analysis, metadata analysis, website speed optimization, backlink analysis, penalty recovery, and website migration.
  • The team size of Thrive Agency is around 220 people, as of October 2022.
  • Matt Bowman is the Founder and President of Thrive Agency.

3. Delante

Specialism: international SEO and eCommerce SEO

Case studies: Ovoko, blufolio, Vitamoc

Location: Poland, Europe

Top clients: Best Western, LuxCamp


Delante is an SEO and SEM agency that helps eCommerce businesses increase their website's visibility and overcome issues with site indexation.

  • Delante’s technical SEO team can help you with SEO auditing, on-site data optimization, crawl errors, meta tag optimization, content duplication issues, hreflangs optimization, website security, and website migration.
  • 65 people are currently working at Delante.
  • Michał Burkiewicz is the Founder and CEO of Delante.

4. SALT Agency

Specialism: international SEO and enterprise local SEO

Case studies: Coralogix, Bikmo, The Spectator

Location: UK

Top clients: Physioroom, Yorkshire Care Equipment

salt agency

SALT Agency is a technical SEO agency that blends industry-leading technical expertise with growth strategies to help you maximize the potential reach of your website in organic search.

  • SALT Agency’s SEO experts will review your website using our over 300-point technical SEO framework to detect any technical issues which could be holding back your website. They can also help you optimize your website’s information architecture.
  • 29 people are currently working at SALT Agency.
  • Reza Moaiandin is the Co-founder and Technical Director at SALT Agency.

5. Go Fish Digital

Specialism: SaaS SEO and eCommerce SEO

Case studies: Life Storage, Online Trading Academy, SimpleTexting

Location: USA

Top clients: Adobe, The New York Times, Atlassian, Marriot

Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital is a data-first digital agency that helps businesses with technical SEO to ensure the company’s website operates efficiently for both search engine bots and human users.

  • Go Fish Digital helps you with site crawling to understand indexation directives like canonical tags, noindex, and nofollow. They also perform JavaScript auditing to understand if Google is properly indexing your content.
  • 81 people are currently working at Go Fish Digital.
  • Brian Patterson is the Co-Founder and Board Member at Go Fish Digital.

6. Screaming Frog

Specialism: eCommerce SEO and international SEO

Case studies: InsureMyTrip, Unum, Namecheap, The Greenhouse People

Location: UK

Top clients: Shazam, Wallpaper Direct 

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a technical SEO agency that offers the services such as SEO consultancy, keyword research, and penalty recovery.

  • The technical SEO specialists at Screaming Frog are working on large and complex eCommerce websites in multiple languages and locations. If you're considering moving to a new website or a new domain, they can help with that too.
  • 35 people are currently working at Screaming Frog.
  • Dan Sharp is the Co-Founder of Screaming Frog.

7. Upgrow

Specialism: Local SEO and international SEO

Case studies: InfluxData, CocuSocial

Location: USA

Top clients: SingleStore, Talkdesk, Nurx, PingCAP, Materialize


Upgrow is another full-service technical SEO agency that has so far served over 100 clients.

  • Upgrow can help your business with common crawlability issues, page load speeds, schema markup, Meta tags, rich snippet optimization, sitemap planning, internal link networks, and more.
  • The team size of Upgrow is around 31 people, as of October 2022.
  • Upgrow is co-founded by Ryder Meehan.

8. Tecmark

Specialism: enterprise SEO

Case studies: DPP Law, Sainsburys Jobs, GoSimple Tax

Location: UK

Top clients: Sony, Karcher


Tecmark is a leading SEO agency with 14 years of experience that helps businesses develop search-led strategies for long-term online visibility and highly relevant traffic that converts.

  • From detailed technical and site speed audits and optimization to website migrations and Google penalty removal, Tecmark delivers industry-leading expertise to generate real value and ROI.
  • 13 people are currently working at Tecmark
  • Richard Heyes is the Managing Director and Founder of Tecmark.

9. Novicell

Specialism: international SEO

Case studies: AGM Abogados, Albumedix 

Location: Europe

Top clients: D-Link, Repsol, Cruilla


Novicell is a technical SEO agency that helps businesses optimize their website for crawlers.

  • Some technical SEO services they offer: site migrations, domain strategy consultancy, crawl optimization, site speed improvements, an introduction of the correct canonicalization, robots.txt and XML sitemap optimization, schema.org (structured data) optimization, and technical SEO Audits.

10. Digital Movers

Specialism: local technical SEO

Case studies: Reypenaer, Vertbaudet

Location: The Netherlands

Top clients: AkzoNobel, Compex

Digital movers

Digital Movers is an SEO agency that does a deep dive into the back-end and technical performance of your website for enhanced performance.

  • Digital Movers performs a website health scan, checking your page speed both on mobile and desktop. They also help with checking your backlink profile, assessing accessibility, identifying crawl errors, and completing an in-depth technical SEO checklist to discover areas for improvement.
  • 4 people are currently working at Digital Movers.
  • Digital Movers is founded by Mathias Aaftink.

11. Outpace

Specialism: SaaS SEO and eCommerce SEO

Case studies: Data security SaaS client, B2B sales outsourcing client

Location: USA

outpace technical seo agency

Outpace is an SEO firm that strengthens SaaS businesses with a long-term vision through an understanding of search engine algorithms and your business objectives.

  • Outpace claims to surprise its clients with incredibly detailed errors that negatively impact website performance.
  • 16 people are working at Outpace.
  • Summit Ghimire is the Founder of Outpace.

12. Fresh Egg

Specialism: international SEO

Case studies: Marshalls, Hudson, Emerald Works 

Location: UK

Top clients: National Health Service (NHS), Bacardi, The Open University

fresh egg

Fresh Egg is an SEO agency that combines a user-centric approach to SEO with proven technical expertise to make sure your website delivers what your customers are looking for.

  • Fresh Egg can help you with website and domain migrations. Also, from technical guidance to market research and data insights, they have the capabilities and experience to support you in achieving your goals via international SEO.
  • 73 people are working at Fresh Egg.
  • Adam Stafford is the Founder and CEO of Fresh Egg.

13. Liberty

Specialism: international SEO

Case studies: Happy Beds, Eduqas, Connect Assist, Universal Music Group

Location: UK

Top clients: Airbus, Aviva, Maytech, Admiral, MotoNovo

liberty - technical SEO agencies

Liberty is an SEO agency that can help your company climb search rankings, improve search engine visibility, increase website traffic, engage visitors and boost its bottom line.

  • Liberty claims to offer a collaborative and client-focused approach to your technical SEO issues. Their services include: page speed improvement, review of the website structure, implementation of structured data, technical SEO consultancy, website migration, and Google Analytics and tag manager setup.
  • 66 people are working at Liberty.
  • Gareth Morgan is the Founder and Group CEO at Liberty (also Wales Board Member & Digital Ambassador at the Chartered Institute of Marketing).

14. Pearl Lemon

Specialism: eCommerce SEO and international SEO

Video case studies: Moxie Lash, City Sprint

Location: UK

Top clients: Ucraft, Elevano, Asteria Diamonds, OAL

pearl lemon

Pearl Lemon is an experienced SEO agency that can help you increase your website’s potential to rank highly and get more organic traffic.

  • Pearl Lemon’s technical SEO services are similar to other agencies’ services: website migrations, penalty removal, SEO audit, and consultancy.
  • 58 people are working at Pearl Lemon.

15. Goodman Lantern


Case studies: easyStorage, B2B security client, Business Intelligence client

Location: UK

Top clients: SoftBank, Pearson, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, trivago

goodman lantern

Goodman Lantern is a marketing agency that also offers technical SEO services.

  • Their technical SEO stack includes crawlability issues, mobile-first indexing, site structure development, website migration, and penalty recovery.
  • Goodman Lantern has 60 employees.
  • Raj Goodman Anand is the CEO and Founder of Goodman Lantern.

16. MarketingLenses

Specialism: international SEO

Location: The Netherlands

Top clients: Zalando, AirHelp


MarketingLenses is a small SEO agency delivering innovative SEO solutions to businesses looking to expand their online visibility locally and internationally.

  • MarketingLenses can assess all elements of your website crawlability (redirect chains, meta robots, XML sitemap, error pages, and more). Also, they can help improve your website indexability (pagination, canonical tags, hreflangs, and redirects).
  • 2 people are working at MarketingLenses.
  • MarketingLenses is founded by Stan Lenzen.

17. GRM Digital

Specialism: international SEO

Case studies: IOSH

Location: UK

Top clients: Danone, Nutricia, Education Development Trust, Aptamil

grm digital

GRM Digital is the last technical SEO agency on our list. They can help you perform a full audit of your website and fix any technical SEO issues so you rank higher on search results.

  • This agency helps develop a solid international SEO strategy and provides you with technical SEO audits to discover short and long-term SEO tactics.
  • GRM Digital has 37 employees.
  • Nej Gakenyi is the CEO and Founder of GRM Digital.

18. StudioHawk

Specialism: international SEO

Case studies: Koala Living, The Entourage, WhichCar

Location: Australia

Top clients: New Balance, Envato, Officeworks


StudioHawk helps eliminate your SEO bad practices, identify what's holding you back and develop a strategy to see higher rankings on search engine results.

  • StudioHawk guarantees to create a custom technical SEO strategy that perfectly aligns with your business and makes your website easier to index, all while enhancing the user experience.
  • StudioHawk has 55 employees.
  • Harry Sanders is the Founder of StudioHawk.

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