10 AgencyAnalytics Alternatives For Easy Client Reporting

AgencyAnalytics is a white-label reporting solution that helps marketing agencies and teams to connect data in one location. But AgencyAnalytics isn't without its limitations. So, here's why you may want to consider AgencyAnalytics alternatives:

  • When the date range exceeds 30 days, the data is grouped by month, which is unhelpful for a timeline graph.
  • AgencyAnalytics users often report a range of performance issues.
  • It'd be beneficial for users who are less familiar with analytics tools to have a more structured onboarding process or interactive tutorials.

Here are the 10 best AgencyAnalytics alternatives

  1. DashThis
  2. Whatagraph
  3. Klipfolio
  4. ReportGarden
  5. Swydo
  6. TapClicks
  7. Reportz
  8. Adverity
  9. Databox
  10. Cyfe

1. DashThis

Best suited for: marketing agencies creating quick & easy dashboards to share with clients

Free trial: yes, 15 days. Sign up here.

Starting price: from $45/month


Key features

DashThis is a dashboard tool to create custom reports for SEO, email marketing, social media, and PPC campaign reports. Like AgencyAnalytics, it's used to connect all your data sources and make a single KPI dashboard to share with your clients.

DashThis offers many cool marketing integrations that encompass popular platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and paid social ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Plus, it supports integrations with SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and Semrush.

Its white labeling allows agencies to customize their dashboard with their own branding, including replacing the default DashThis URL with their organization's branded URL.

All DashThis plans come with unlimited users. You can add as many users to your account as you wish, letting your entire team access your dashboards and manage them.

AgencyAnalytics Alternatives

DashThis vs AgencyAnalytics

  • DashThis provides a simpler, easier-to-use setup and interface, plus arguably better customer support.
  • With AgencyAnalytics, you can export reports as PDF or XLS files, whereas DashThis only allows PDF exports.
  • In AgencyAnalytics, you can choose to pay extra for rank tracking and site auditing ($50/month for each). This isn't available with DashThis.
  • The AgencyAnalytics Agency plan costs $18 per client per month and includes additional features like PPC markup and goal pacing, which aren't available in DashThis.


Currently, 4 plans are available on DashThis: Individual, Professional, Business, and Standard. The pricing starts from $45/month (billed monthly) or $38/month (billed annually), with 3 dashboard options and unlimited integrations. View pricing here.

2. Whatagraph

Best suited for: agencies managing a large number of clients or internal marketing teams in need of a reliable marketing reporting tool with a great number of data sources.

Free trial: yes, 7 days. Sign up here.

Starting price: from $223/month (billed annually)

whatagraph interface

Key features

Whatagraph is a marketing reporting tool that makes it easy to connect a large number of data sources and has all your marketing results displayed in a single report or dashboard.

There are over 45 data sources available, ranging from popular options like Google Analytics, Google Ads, HubSpot, and Google Search Console to Ahrefs, SEMRush, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Shopify, and more.

You can personalize your dashboards and reports completely, including colors, branding, logos, and fonts. Plus, there's a white-label feature that agencies will find valuable.

Whatagraph now offers simple sharing options, allowing you to easily share reports with your team on Slack or other platforms. You can either get a direct link to the report or embed it in other documents

Whatagraph vs AgencyAnalytics

  • All Whatagraph customers receive personalized onboarding support, whereas this is only available for enterprise customers with AgencyAnalytics.
  • Whatagraph allows you to track all client data in one place, whereas AgencyAnalytics does not have this feature.
  • AgencyAnalytics has a lower entry price, while Whatagraph’s entry plan is more costly.
  • Whatagraph doesn't offer monthly payment options. Instead, you have to pay the full annual fee upfront, which can be a significant financial commitment for many users.


3 plans are available on Whatagraph: Professional, Premium, and Custom. The ‘Professional’ Plan costs $223/month (billed annually) and it comes with over 45 integrations and pre-made report templates. See full pricing here.

3. Klipfolio

Best suited for: out-of-the-box KPI dashboards with a solid free version

Free trial: offers freemium version. Sign up here.

Starting price: from $125/month


Key features

Klipfolio is a business intelligence and reporting software to build dashboards. It offers various features, ready-made templates, and the ability to integrate with multiple applications and local files such as CSV, XML, or JSON.

Klipfolio works well with 140+ pre-built connectors, including spreadsheets and on-premise servers. These integrations include Excel, Google ads, Zapier, Google Search Console, Google Sheets, and others.

Klipfolio simplifies reporting by offering powerful date and filter options. You can easily explore your data by adjusting date ranges, switching between monthly or yearly views, and filtering based on custom dimensions.

Klipfolio vs AgencyAnalytics

  • Klipfolio offers a greater variety of data source connections, both online and offline, than AgencyAnalytics.
  • Klipfolio offers a free plan with unlimited dashboards, while AgencyAnalytics doesn't have a free plan.
  • AgencyAnalytics offers more affordable plans with entry fees starting at just $12/month, whereas Klipfolio's paid plans begin at $125/month.


Klipfolio has 4 plans: Free, Go, Pro, and Business. The ‘Free’ plan offers unlimited metrics and dashboards with a 4-hour data refresh interval. See full pricing here.

4. ReportGarden

Best suited for: digital marketing agencies who want to build reports quickly

Free trial: yes, 14 days. Sign up here.

Starting price: from $89/month


Key features

ReportGarden is a dashboard and reporting solution to automate cross-channel reporting and manage campaign budgets.

ReportGarden helps you build SEO, PPC, and social media reports that are easy to understand. It’s easy to automate your monthly reporting by scheduling reports to be emailed directly to your clients.

The SEO Audit tool from ReportGarden helps you analyze backlinks and competitor data, optimizing your client's web pages for better online search visibility.

Plus, the website analysis tool helps you conduct a complete audit of your website, providing insights on SEO errors that need fixing.

ReportGarden vs AgencyAnalytics

  • ReportGarden's SEO solution goes a little further with keyword position tracking and website audit features.
  • In terms of price, ReportGarden offers a cheaper price per dashboard, but a higher number of minimum dashboards (10 = $89/month) vs AgencyAnalytics.
  • The majority of integrations can be accessed with ReportGarden's high-tier plans, which cost either $149 or even $299/month. However, all AgencyAnalytics plans offer integrations for 75+ integrations.


ReportGarden has 4 plans: Basic, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The ‘Basic’ plan costs $89/month and allows you to access 10 data sources only. View full pricing here.

5. Swydo

Best suited for: PPC agencies who need to build custom reporting templates

Free trial: yes, 14 days. Sign up here.

Starting price: from $49/month for 10 data sources


Key features

Swydo is a marketing analytics and reporting solution to generate white-label PPC reports and dashboards.

Swydo simplifies client reporting, whether you have 10 or 30 clients. With its Monitoring Tool, you can easily build personalized dashboards for your clients all in one place. After creation, your KPI dashboards will automatically fill up, saving you time and providing an overview of your clients.

Swydo recently added integration with SEMrush. As a Semrush user, you can now include your Adwords Cost and Adwords Traffic in the competitor performance table widget and use Adwords Cost as a KPI.

Swydo vs AgencyAnalytics

  • Swydo is built specifically as a PPC reporting tool rather than a multi-channel marketing dashboard.
  • Swydo is better for making your own custom templates.45
  • AgencyAnalytics connects with 70+ third-party applications, whereas Swydo integrates with only 25+ tools.
  • Swydo provides pricing based on the number of data sources used, while AgencyAnalytics offers fixed monthly pricing regardless of the number of data sources used.


Swydo pricing starts from $49/month for 10 data source integrations. View full pricing here.

6. TapClicks

Best suited for: big advertising agencies and media companies who need to measure offline and online marketing campaigns

Free trial: yes. Sign up here.

Starting price: unknown


Key features

TapClicks is a marketing analytics and reporting solution that combines data from marketing campaigns and performance KPIs into a single dashboard.

If you're interested in understanding your competitors' search engine marketing conversion funnel, TapClicks offers a competitive intelligence solution that provides complete visibility. With this solution, you can analyze your competitors' conversion strategies.

Moreover, with its advanced calculations, you can generate new fields using existing data, perform calculations on your data, and have greater control and customization over data display and aggregation.

Interestingly, a few months ago, TapClicks introduced an AI-powered reporting capability with ChatGPT integration, which aims to help TapClicks customers with campaign automation and analysis.

TapClicks vs AgencyAnalytics

  •  TapClicks offers more advanced features like analytics, competitive intelligence, and data management, which AgencyAnalytics doesn't.
  • TapClicks has an impressive range of integrations and API hooks.
  • AgencyAnalytics is a more affordable solution with lower entry prices.


TapClicks has 3 plans: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise, though, they don't provide pricing information for any of these plans. You can see what's included in which plan here.

7. Reportz

Best suited for: freelancers and marketing agencies who need to monitor KPIs from all marketing channels in real-time

Free trial: yes, 15 days. Sign up here.

Starting price: from $29.82/month for 3 dashboards


Key features

Reportz is a digital marketing reporting and dashboard tool to track data and create customized reports.

Reportz dashboards have no limit on the number of widgets, allowing you to track even the most complicated projects from one location.

To save time, use Reportz's preset templates for popular report types. Additionally, automate reporting for regular clients to ensure they receive necessary updates.

With its SEO features, you can get alerts whenever there’s an unusual spike in your backlink numbers, so you can review them before getting a Google penalty.

Reportz vs AgencyAnalytics

  • Reportz offers a variety of dashboard choices for creating personalized analytics dashboards that surpass the customization options available in AgencyAnalytics reports.
  • Reportz has dashboard-based pricing starting at $29.82/month for 3 dashboards, while AgencyAnalytics offers an Agency plan for only $18/month with unlimited dashboards.


The cost of Reportz depends on how many dashboards you wish to use. For example, for 3 dashboards, it'll cost $29.82/month. View full pricing here.

8. Adverity

Best suited for: eCommerce teams who need advanced features like data integration and AI-driven insights

Free trial: yes, 14 days. Sign up here.

Starting price: $500/month


Key features

Adverity is a comprehensive business intelligence, visualization, and marketing analytics solution to assemble and manage data sources in a single platform.

Adverity offers 600+ ready-to-use data connectors, allowing effortless integration of data from various sources such as marketing campaigns, e-commerce platforms, databases, analytics tools, CRMs, APIs, and file-based storage solutions.

Create compelling and insightful dashboards with just a few clicks to generate better insights straight out of the box with Adverity. You can easily measure your performance against the rest of your industry to ensure that your campaigns deliver the desired results.

Moreover, you can detect the most successful campaigns and those limited by budget constraints, and receive recommendations for improving budget allocation to maximize ROI.

Adverity vs AgencyAnalytics

  • Adverity offers over 600 out-of-the-box data connectors (including Spreadsheets and email attachments), whereas AgencyAnalytics integrates with only 70+ tools.
  • Adverity is a better solution for more advanced users who need sophisticated capabilities, like custom Python code expression, to build powerful data transformations.
  • Adverity might be too expensive for small businesses and startups as it requires a starting cost of $500/month.


Adverity has 3 plans: Standard, Professional, and Custom. The Standard plan comes with basic analytics and capabilities and 15 data sources only. View full pricing here.

9. Databox

Best suited for: great free version, plus multi-channel dashboards with lots of data sources

Free trial: yes. Sign up here.

Starting price: from $59/month

databox ui

Key features

Databox is business analytics and reporting solution to collect all your data in one place, monitor KPIs, and build custom dashboards.

Databox has hundreds of dashboard templates that are loaded with some of the most common metrics across different teams, including marketing, customer support, and eCommerce.

Databox offers 80+ integrations with many marketing and sales tools, such as Hubspot, Google Sheets, SEMrush, and Google Analytics 4. In case you want to connect your own data, Databox’s REST API and SDKs will allow you to connect any data source in minutes.

Plus, you can use data calculations to merge data from various sources and create new metrics, KPIs, conversion rates, ROI, and more–all without any coding.

See also: Databox alternatives.

Databox vs AgencyAnalytics

  • Databox offers more styling choices than AgencyAnalytics, including the ability to customize colors within individual widgets.
  • Databox has a generous free plan, unlike AgencyAnalytics.
  • AgencyAnalytics provides paid search integrations that Databox lacks, including Snapchat, Yelp, and Spotify ads.
  • AgencyAnalytics could be a cheaper option for individuals or small marketing teams compared to Databox.


5 plans are available on Databox: Free, Starter, Professional, Growth, and Premium. With the free plan, you can only build 3 dashboards with no limit on data integrations. See full pricing here.

10. Cyfe

Best suited for: small businesses who need to visualize a wide range of marketing intelligence data

Free trial: yes, 14 days. Sign up here.

Starting price: $19/month/user for 2 dashboards


Key features

Cyfe is a business dashboard solution that empowers users to analyze and generate reports based on data from various marketing channels.

With Cyfe, you can retrieve data from popular services such as Google and Salesforce, offering over 100 integrations and including more than 250 metrics as standard features.

Customize the dashboard template as per your requirements. Simply duplicate a dashboard from one client account to another client account. Cyfe already has many dashboard templates for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and more.

Cyfe vs AgencyAnalytics

  • Cyfe is recognized for its extensive customizability, whereas certain visualizations in AgencyAnalytics lack customizable options.
  • Cyfe currently offers around 50 integrations, while AgencyAnalytics provides support for 75+ integrations.


Cyfe has 4 plans: Standard, Starter, Pro, and Premier. The Standard plan costs $19/month for 1 user and 2 dashboards. See the full pricing here.

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